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God On Trial

2010-12-25 16:29:23 by SixDollarMedia

One series produced by Six Dollar Media is QuikToons, a study in how to quickly develop edgy, entertaining and thought-provoking animations using minimal production. We finished God on Trial a bit ago, and have another episode (to be released next week) in the can, with more in production. Hopefully everyone will enjoy watching the animated shorts as much as the Six Dollar Crew enjoys making them.

A warning to any devoutly religious people viewing this episode: It's a joke. All in good fun. Everyone on the crew is very knowledgeable about Christianity, the Bible, and the Christian faith, and we generally respect the beliefs of those who worship the Holy Trinity. But any biologist will tell you, God has a sense of humor.

We hope that's true.

NewGrounds Debut!

2010-12-15 03:49:28 by SixDollarMedia

After months of fans insisting we produced projects that were of an appropriate quality for such an esteemed website, this rag-tag artist's collective has finally - and with great hesitation - tipped our toes into the best Flash site online.

We'll be cycling through a catalog of old material, and we look forward to being mercilessly judged by anonymous trolls. It'll be good times by and for all.

This week, we're publishing the first two issues of Science Guy in preparation for the series' third installment, due any time. But the really exciting stuff has yet to come - just wait. You'll see.